Tojo Media specializes in producing digital video experiences for our customers. Our production team has the skills needed to imagine, script, produce and distribute the highest quality video. We are able to produce video of any length, but generally produce short form content such as:

  • Branded Video Content
  • Webisodes & Series
  • Product Demonstration
  • Training video
  • Sales Video
  • Interviews & Testimonials
  • Corporate Video Communications
  • Trade Show Videos

Our team can help you decide how to best deliver your video to your target audience. We know how to get the video where you need it either via broadcast TV, DVD/Blu-ray, over the web or even in a custom built mobile application. We have worked with all the online video platforms and CDNs. We can also create custom Android and IOS applications if you need one.

Cinematic Storytelling

We are filmmakers. We know how to bring stories to life and put them on the screen. Stories are what touch people, move people, and those emotions are some of the greatest tools for engaging, comforting and bringing people to action.

We write, produce, direct, act in, edit and market films and videos that are seen the world over.

Everybody has a story. Each client has a story. Each employee has a story. Each family member has a story. We tell those stories.

High Five Diss - Twix Ad An Easter Treat COPD Discharge Instructions
COPD Discharge Instructions
Incendant - Lead Clinical Nurse

Educational Videos

We use our filmmaking talents to serve the needs of our medical clients. Sometimes the story we need to tell directly affects a patient’s understanding of what is happening to them. The story takes the form of information that can enlighten, comfort and empower people to make better decisions and change lives for the better.

How we work


  • Needs Assessment – We will sit down with you and discuss your video production needs.
  • Project Plan – We will develop a project plan with a budget and production schedule to fulfill your needs on a reliable schedule at a reliable budget.


  • Treatment – We create a simple half page summary of the video, including the general storyline/plot and the targeted audience.
  • Script – The script is the detailed description of the production. It includes more detail than the TREATMENT. For example, it would include the voice over and a description of the visuals. It may also include questions for an interview, etc.


  • On-Site – Many videos require certain locations. Our crew is able to “come to you” or travel as needed to get the video that you need to best communicate your idea or story.
  • Studio – Some videos are best produced in a controlled environment. For example, many training and product demonstration videos are shot with a green screen background. In many cases, shooting in the studio can speed up production and keep costs down. We have green screen studio facilities in place that make the process easy.


  • Editing, Rough Cut – Our Editors will take the raw outputs of the Production phase and create a first draft (called a rough cut) of your video for review. This will include the voice over, titles & basic animation. Your review at this stage is critical to make sure we are on track.
  • Music Composition/Sound Editing – Professional quality sound significantly improves the engagement of your audience. We can provide high quality music or compose something special to really help your video stand out.
  • Final Edit - The final edit incorporates all your feedback from the rough cut. This also includes finalization of titles and animations as well as any effects.


  • Mastering / Transcoding – Creation of specialized files for different distribution channels. This may include creation of special versions for Mobile or web applications. We also create captions in multiple languages.
  • Authoring – Physical Media such as DVD & Blu-Ray require authoring of the DVD menus,etc.
  • Upload / Delivery – Uploading final videos to the CDN , website, ftp site or other location of your choice.


Video is our business. We realize it may not be yours. If you need help getting your video to your audience, we can help. We can help you understand the options and pick the most cost effective one for you.

Want to show your video in a mobile app or other interactive application? We can help you with that as well. We love mobile apps and can build one for you.

The Team


Joseph is an award-winning independent filmmaker and a seasoned executive. His unique combination of domain knowledge in Digital Media and broad experience in independent production bring a unique style to Tojo Media. In addition to leading production of all Tojo Media content, Joseph provides management and advisory services to digital media, broadcast and new media clients including Warner Brothers, GDMX, SAP and Sony DADC. He has worked with major movie studios and broadcasters on many new media and distribution related projects.


Lincoln is an accomplished writer of feature films, short films,, and commercials, His scripts have been purchased by Cartoon Network, produced by GoFilms, and seen across the world.

As an actor, Lincoln is Meisner trained and just won 2012 Best Actor Award and Best Original Screenplay at the 16th Annual Playhouse West Film Festival in Hollywood, CA.


Kelby is an accomplished Actor, Singer and Musician. Kelby has been involved in film, TV and stage performances of all sizes. He has broad technical experience in film and audio production.

Kelby is a professor in the Film and Social Justice department at Mount Saint Mary’s College.


Page is a leading editor and video designer.

She has significant hands on experience in the Care Industry both managing and providing care at a residential health care facility for many years.

Contact Us

We would love to hear about your needs and hope we can help you acheive your goals! Please reach out to us and let us know how we cam help you!